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  The single best way to increase the speed of your computer is to upgrade your computers memory. This should be the first upgrade you should ever consider. OEM's like Dell, HP, Compaqetc often sell many of their starter PC's with only 256MB of ram or less. XP and XP Pro users should have a minimum of 512MB of memory. I personally have over 1 GIG plus ( 1000MB ) on my computers. Vista users should have a minimum of 2 GIGs of RAM (memory)

Replacing memory can be one of easiest computer upgrades you can do yourself. It can also be one of the most costly if done incorrectly. To get the correct memory speed and size go to the manufactures web site to find the recommend specs. Mismatching memory is a big no no.

Turn the computer off and unplug the power cord from the computer before attempting this. If you are not properly grounded static electricity can fry your motherboard. Use a anti-static grounding strap or ground yourself before touching the inside of the computer. Identify the empty memory slots on the motherboard. Align the new memory to the slots and press the stick memory in carefully. Be careful not to break the clips or the motherboard slots. Some computers require you to put 2 new sticks of memory. (Dual Channel, Rambus, RDRAM, etc)

There are several types of memory. SIMM, DIMM, DRAM, EDO DRAM, SRAM, FPM DRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM, Rambus, ECC, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, TTRAM, TT RAM, Z Ram, ZRAM, Fully Buffered DIMM FB-DIMM, Dual Channel, server memory, and laptop memory.

Abit Memory
ABS Memory
Acer Memory
Adaptec Memory
A-Data Memory
Advantech Memory
Aeneon Memory
Akai Memory
Alienware Memory
ALR Memory
Altima Memory
Amptron Memory
AMS Tech Memory
AOpen Memory
Apacer Memory
APS Memory
Aqcess Technologies Memory
Arch Memory
ARM Memory
ASRock Memory
AST Memory
ASUS Memory
AT&T-NCR Memory
ATP Electronics Memory
Atvantage Memory
Averatec - SOTEC Memory
BCM Memory
Best Buy Memory
Biostar Memory
Brother Printer Memory
Buffalo Memory
Canon Memory
Casio Memory
Centon Electronics Memory
ChemUSA Memory
Cisco Memory
Clevo Memory
Commax Memory
Compaq Memory
CompUSA Memory
Corsair Memory
CTX Memory
CyberPower Memory
Dane-Elec Memory
Data General Memory
Data Memory Systems Memory
Data Ram Memory
Dell Memory
DFI Memory
Digital Memory
ECS Elitegroup Computer Memory
Edge Memory
Edge Tech Memory
eMachines Memory
Enhanced Memory Systems Memory
Enlight RAM
Eoan Systems Memory
Epox Memory
EPS Memory
Epson Memory
Ergo Memory
Eurocom Memory
Everex Memory
EVGA Memory
FIC Memory
FOSA Memory
Foxconn Memory
Frys Memory
Fujitsu Memory
Fukato Memory
Gateway Memory
GeIL Memory
Generic Memory
Gigabyte Technology Memory
Gigaram Memory
Great Quality Memory
GQ Memory
Hewlitt Packard Memory
Hitachi Memory
HP Memory
IBM-Lenovo Memory
Infineon Memory
Intel Memory
Intergraph Memory
Itronix Memory
Iwill Memory
J-Mark Memory
Jetta Memory
Kapok Memory
KDS Memory
KeyData Memory
Kingston Memory
Kobian RAM
KODAK Memory
Kentron Technologies Memory
Konica Minolta Memory
Kyocera Printer Memory
Legend QDI Memory
Lexmark Printer Memory
LG Electronics Memory
Mach Speed Memory
MAG Memory
Magitronic Memory
Maxtech Memory
Medion Memory
Micron MPC Memory
Microstar MSI Memory
Microtel Memory
MiTAC Memory
Motion Computing
Motorola Memory
MSI Memory
Mushlin Memory
NEC Memory
Netgear Memory
No Name Memory
Northgate Memory
OCZ Memory
Okidata Printer Memory
Olivetti Memory
Packard Bell Memory
Panasonic Memory
Patriot Memory
PC Chips Memory
Penguin Computing
Pionex Memory
Polywell Memory
Power Computing Memory
PowerSpec Memory
ProStar Memory
PNY Memory
PQI Memory
Quantex Memory
Radisys Memory
Rambus Memory
Ricoh Printer Memory
Rise Memory
Roland Memory
Sager Memory
Samsung Memory
Sceptre Memory
Sharp Memory
Shikatronics Memory
Shuttle Memory
Silicon Graphics Memory
Silicon Mountain Memory
Simmtech Memory
Simple Technology Memory
Smart Modular Technologies Memory
Soltek Memory
Sony Memory
Soyo Memory
Sun Memory
SuperMicro Memory
Systemax Memory
Targa Memory
Techmedia Memory
TechWorks Memory
Tektronix Memory
Texas Instruments Memory
Tiny Computers Memory
Toshiba Memory
Transend Memory
Twinhead Memory
Tyan Memory
Unigen Memory
UMAX Memory
Unisys Memory
Uniwide Memory
Uniwill Memory
VIA Technologies Memory
Viking Memory
VPR Matrix Memory
Wedge Memory
West Coast Technology Memory
WinBook Memory
Wintec AMPO Memory
Wintec Industries Memory
Xerox Printer Memory
XFX Memory
Yamaha Memory
Zenith Memory


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