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Online backup, tape backup & disaster recovery:

Where would your business be if a fire or flood destroyed all of your computers and servers during the night? Remember that fires and floods also destroy paperwork so relying on hard copy backups isn't always fool proof. Burning your files to a CD-R is wholly inadequate as a backup strategy, and if you are still using floppy disks you're in serious trouble!

It is still a fact that the majority of small businesses do not have a comprehensive backup or disaster recover plan or procedure. If you do not plan for it now, you'll have nothing to work from in the event of a real disaster.

Given that most of your crucial data is stored on a computer, it is probably time to consider implementing a rock solid backup strategy with clearly designed procedures and documentation. A backup strategy is the heart of a feasibly disaster recovery plan.

As part of our support of your IT system, you can opt for Backup & Disaster Recovery or even online backup where we actually backup your data online over the internet. Online backup is fast becoming the backup method of choice for small businesses as it has relatively low setup and management costs. As your data is backed up across the Internet to our servers you can have peace of mind that a copy of all your data exists elsewhere in case of disaster. If you are interested in learning more about online backup please contact our service manager.

Don't worry about it all sounding complex, time consuming and jargonized. We'll do all the work for you, document it, explain what we have done and why in plain English. We will define clear procedures to follow in the event of data loss or a disaster. Remember that it may cost you at least ten times as much (if not everything) to start a non existent disaster recovery scenario after a disaster. How much time and money would it cost to reproduce all of your data?

#1 Rule: Backup your data!
#2 Rule: Backup your data!
#3 Rule: Backup your data. 

Nothing is as good as a full backup of your documents, records, and databases. Backup routines use tape media to record your data. Most tape drive software can be configured to automatically backup your data overnight. Having it performed automatically eliminates the chance of the user forgetting to start the backup at the end of the day. Be sure to rotate the tapes. Use one tape for each day of the week. Label the tapes Monday, Tuesday, etc. Change the tapes every day. Use the same set each week. Bad tapes are the number 1 problem when dealing with backups. 

Check for Errors. 
Run an error checking program, such as scan disk, on a weekly basis. This will help clean the drive of data errors. 

Defrag your Hard Drive. 
Run a defrag program on your hard drive monthly. This will organize your data and speed up the performance of your system. 

Use a UPS.
All computer systems should be connected to a high quality UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) and a high joules count surge protector. Power surges can cause undue data loss and hardware failure. Do not install a laser printer or a scanner on a UPS.



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